Who we are?

We aspire to create as much memorable moments as possible and to facilitate others in doing so…

This manifests itself in the planning and realization of unique and effective events, our additional services and the creativity that’s added to every event and dinner night.

Our team

Each individual of the team is offered the opportunity to develop themselves in a way to follow their ambitions. This contributes to the team spirit; the true drive behind Supperclub Cruise. Looking for a job? Check out the job offers here.








Supperclub Cruise was built in 1960 and formerly owned by the Rotterdam port authority as the passengers’ ship ‘Pieter Caland’. The ship was super modern for her time and had a built-in queen cabin as queen Juliana was a frequent visitor of Supperclub Cruise. She often used the ship to show her guests the impressive Rotterdam harbors.

In the year 2003, Bert van der Leden bought the ship and brought it to Amsterdam to transform it into a sailing version of Supperclub. In July 2017, Joeri Salet became co-owner. His renewed vision resulted in a renovated ship to meet the demands of the events market. In December 2020 Joeri Salet en Nick Bruynesteijn became the owner of the Supperclub Cruise as well as the Supperclub and Bar Rouge.