get inspired by previous events

Perfect engagement party

Looking for a venue for your wedding? No problem. The couple on the photos celebrated their wedding at our Cruise. They had a perfect party including a walking dinner, several speeches and their own dj. We like to call this an all-in-1 party.

official reopening

An oyster lady, a living dessert and a spectacular fire show. During Supperclub Cruise’s official reopening, the guests were surprised by entertainment, a walking dinner and views over the Amsterdam skyline.

winter wonderland, corporate party

Welcomed by stilt walkers upon arrival, magicians who challenged your idea about reality and a five-layer pie escorted by an ice king and queen. Last December, Supperclub Cruise transformed into a true Winter Wonderland entirely with Glühweinbar and a lifelike igloo at our Upperdeck.

blend event

Last March, a lifestyle, food, fashion & beauty event took place at Supperclub Cruise. A complete dinner experience with live music and spectacular performances in La Salle Neige followed by an afterparty.

fonky sales, corporate party

Fonky sales organized an unforgettable party for her staff filled with motivational speeches, followed by a walking dinner with finger (licking) food. They combined business with pleasure and closed the night dancing.