Organize the wedding day of your life

Make your wedding day a day to remember forever

Organize your wedding on board of the Supperclub Cruise. The unique setting of the cruise ship will ensure that your wedding day will be an unforgettable experience.

Your wedding is perhaps the most special day of your life and of course you want your wedding day to run smoothly. That is why our team of photographers, creative directors, chefs, artists, entertainers, DJs and VJs are ready to make your wedding day an unforgettable and carefree experience.

Use the 3 different wedding rooms

Supperclub Cruise has 3 different decks that can be booked separately or together.

La Salle Neige (120m2) is a white and inspiring room that can be decorated entirely according to your wishes. This room can be converted into a complete dancefloor in no time. A lot can be done with light in this room. This way the room can be illuminated in any desired color.

Le Bar Noir (130m2) has a stylish and slightly mysterious appearance. This room has a lounge with a bar, where you and your guests can enjoy the most delicious food and cocktails. Various creations can be made with the furniture in this room.

We can even sail international waters

The Upperdeck is perfect for weddings in the open air. From the Upperdeck you can look out over the waters of Amsterdam or any other desired waters. We can even sail international waters.

Each deck offers space for 250 people in reception form, 100 people during a sit-down dinner and 200 people during a walking dinner. When combined the decks offer space for 500 people.

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